Our governors meet under 3 different committees:

Personnel, Premises, Finance, Health & Safety (PPFHS) Committee;

Curriculum, Standards & Improvement (CSI) Committee;

Full Governing Body (FGB) Committee.

The PPFHS Committee maintains an overview of the school finances. They meet with the school bursar to review the start budget, usually in March or April, and review the monitoring reports monthly. Additionally, the committee reviews benchmarking information (a comparison of our schools against like schools) to ensure the best use of school finances. They also prepare and return the school's financial audit yearly. 

This committee also maintains and overview of health and safety including an overview of premises. The health and safety governor conducts a tour of the school termly and these reports are audited by the NYCC School HandS service.

Additionally, this committee maintains an overview of recruitment,  staff appraisal and staff welfare. They consider pay progressions in October. 

The CSI Committee maintains an overview of standards and progress in the school. They meet termly to review the assessment data and look at the school's published data (SATs results, ASP and FFT) annually.

This committee also looks at the pupil premium and sports premium spend; looking at the effectiveness and the impact of this spending. 

SEND is considered within this committee, with the SEND governor meeting termly with the SENCo to review the provision for children with SEND. 

Finally, this committee reviews the school's self evaluation and the school improvement plan.

These committees then share this information at the full governing body meetings. 


Name Genre Term of Office Declaration of Interest Start Date Additional Governor Role End Date

Rose Gosling

(Co Chair)


Co-Opted 2 years Trustee of Ripley Education Trust 30.4.19 04/21

Rachel O'Brien

(Co Chair)


Co-Opted 2 years Joint Owner of a Marketing Company 30.4.19 04/21





Georgina Coe


Co-opted 2 years Parent at Ripley School 30.4.19 04/21

Chloe Drummond


Foundation 4 years Diocesan Employee, parent at Ripley School 30.4.19 04/23

Sarah Fisher


(SEND Governor)

Parent 4 years Locum Vet  30.4.19 04/23

Lisa Jackson-Ward

(Head Teacher)

Ex Officio None 30.4.19

Natasha Scott


Staff 4 years Member of Staff 30.4.19 04/23

Helen Smith 


Co-Opted 2 years None 30.4.19 04/21
Peter Wood (PPFHS) Local Authority 4 years None 30.4.19 04/23
Vacany  Co-Opted 2 years

Attendance of Meetings April19-July19

* = Not eligible at the first meeting 

Paul Bowlas 25% 0% N/A
Ian Broadbent 50% N/A N/A
Georgina Coe * 66% 100% N/A
Chloe Drummond  100% 0% N/A
Sarah Fisher  100%  0% N/A
Rose Gosling * 100% N/A 100%
Lisa Jackson-Ward 100% 100% 100%
Natasha Scott 50% 100% N/A
Helen Smith 100% N/A N/A
Rachel O'Brien * 66% 100% N/A
Peter Wood 100% N/A 0%

Stepped Down Governors 

Name Status Stepped Down date
Rachel Baskind Co-Opted 30.4.19
Tamsin Benning Staff 12.4.19
Sue McGrogan Co-Opted 30.4.19
Chris Robinson Co-Opted 30.4.19
Ian Broadbent Parent 30.6.19
Paul Bowlas Foundation  02.9.19