The Federation of Beckwithshaw and Kettlesing Felliscliffe Governor Information as of May 2017 

The Federation of Beckwithshaw and Kettlesing Felliscliffe Full Governing Body (FGB) meets at least 4 times across the academic year. There are two sub-committees the Premises, Personnel, Finance, Health & Safety (PPFHS) and School Improvement (CSI) that meet each term.

Governor attendance is reported as total meetings attended / total meetings held during office, and includes the meetings of the various sub-committees.

Name Status Sub Committee Attendance Date of Election Term End Date 
Vacancy Co-Opted CSI
Rachel O'Brien  Parent PPFHS 27.04.17 27.04.21

Chris Robinson (Chair)

Co-Opted PPFHS 27.04.17 27.04.19
Tamsin Benning Staff CSI 27.04.17 27.04.21
Ian Broadbent (Vice Chair) Co-Opted PPFHS 27.04.17 27.04.19
Sarah Fisher Parent CSI 27.04.17 27.04.21
Lisa Jackson-Ward Ex-Officio All 27.04.17        -
Sue McGrogan Co-Opted CSI 27.04.17 27.04.19
Peter Wood L.A CSI 27.04.17 27.04.21
Rachel Baskind  Co-Opted PPFHS

Other Governors

Scott Mackintosh Co-Opted  RC 24.04.17
Jo Olner Parent RC 24.04.17
Diane Cooper

Head Teacher

CSI, RC 18/18 01.09.13 31.08.16
Simon Whitfield-Speed Co-Opted  RC 5/7 02.12.14 21.04.16

Governors are required to declare all beneficial interests which they, or any person closely connected with them, have with businesses or other organisations which may have dealings with Beckwithshaw school. If Governors have nothing to declare then a “NIL Return” has been confirmed.

All FGB members have declared a nil return, confirming they have no beneficial interest to declare.