Activity Clubs

Autumn Term  - We would like to offer the following after activity clubs. 

Monday               Ball Skills                                         3.30-4.30          £4.00   
*village hall/field
Tuesday               Rhythmic Gymnastics Lunchtime    12.30-1.15        £4.00              

Wednesday         Streetdance                                      3.30-4.30         £4.00  
*village hall 

Thursday              French Club (Years1-4) Lunchtime 12.30-1.15        £5.00

Our TreeTops Care Club is available Monday to Friday from 3.30-5.30pm. 

Payment for Ball Skills will be available on ParentPay. 
Payment for Streetdance & rhythmic gymnastics to be made directly to Miss Chloe. (Registration is also required at HDDC's website)

Payment for French Club to be made direct with Language Bugs. 

The booking form for TreeTops is available now.  Please see attachment. Should you require a hard copy, please email Mrs Wood.  

Regular bookings can be made in advance with our booking form or 'Last minute' bookings will need to be made by telephone by 12noon or emailed to wherever possible.