What will the IMPACT be?

How will we MONITOR?


Focus 1: An effective full governing body with range of skills

Maintain a full governing body with clear roles and responsibilities

We will have a full governing body enabling us to share the work load and be effective in holding the school to account

  • Develop skillset to challenge and support
  • Conduct a Skills Audit
  • Conduct a Governing Board Effectiveness review – possibly by an external advisor
  • Continue recruitment drive until all vacant positions are filled
  • All vacant posts on FGB filled
  • Open, constructive and supportive relationships with HT and staff

Helpful induction process for new governors

New governors brought up to speed quickly through training, mentoring, and clear information training.

  • Ensure that new governors are signed up to and complete requisite training
  • All governors skilled for their designated roles

Completed Skills Audit

We will understand our strengths and weaknesses better in order to recruit effectively in the future

  • Skills Audit to be completed by end of May 2021
  • Full discussions of findings at FGB
  • All governors skilled for their designated roles

Updating our ‘Ofsted ready’ plans each term to show impact

We will be able to give a good account of our impact to Ofsted

  • Progressive outcome following Ofsted inspection

Maintain a pattern of meetings enabled by effective clerking

We will be prepared for each meeting, having agenda and papers ahead of time

Regular and effective school visits following ‘monitoring schedule’

Governor visits meaning we will have a good knowledge of the school and be able to see impact on pupils.

  • Schedule of visits arranged from summer term 2021
  • Feedback session with HT following lessons observations
  • Full discussion and report to FGB following observations
  • Visits to become a regular feature of governorship
  • Established and improved relationships with school staff
  • Results reflected in SIP

To receive ongoing training, especially linked to being Ofsted ready

We will be able to give a good account of our impact to Ofsted

  • Regular reviews at FGB meetings

To develop a clear vision for the school with the Headteacher

We will have clarity about the long term aim of the schools

  • Co-Chairs and HT to develop strategy and report to FGB
  • Improving results in pupil attainment
  • Clear succession and development planning for staff

Support Safeguarding Governor in getting up to speed on good practice

Governors understand the safeguarding issues facing the school and what good practice is

  • FGB to undertake relevant training to support Safeguarding Governor
  • Regular reports to FGB
  • Full compliance with legal requirements
  • Sharing relevant information with all stakeholders

Focus 2: To Ensure the school’s progress against main priorities

Priority 1. To Improve our curriculum

Governors will see a cohesive curriculum, with clarity around the intension, implementation, and impact.

Written outcomes improved across the curriculum

Improvement of communication and language across the curriculum.

Priority 2. To further improve impact across the core curriculum by accelerating progress

Governors will see an improvement in Reading, Writing and Maths.

  • Regular reports to FGB by Subject Leaders
  • HT’s report and School Improvement Plan
  • Training where appropriate for Subject Leaders
  • Improvement in pupils’ results
  • Improved skillset of Subject Leaders

Priority 3.To ensure effective use of Pupil Premium money

Children are given additional support they need in order to thrive.

  • Regular reporting to FGB by HT
  • Ongoing monitoring of same
  • Evidence that strategies are producing results

Focus 3: Growth and development of school

Ensuring current buildings are fit for purpose

Current buildings will be a positive and safe environment for learning

  • Appointment of Governor with responsibility for H&S
  • Regular reporting to FGB
  • Regular (termly?) tours of inspection of all premises
  • Outstanding maintenance issues / defects attended to promptly

Increase Pupil numbers and intake each year

Classes will be full and income at a level that matches our outgoings.

  • Appointment of Governor with responsibility for Marketing and Development
  • Regular reporting to FGB
  • Increased roll and improved financial position

Monitor attendance so that school stays at Government standard level

Attendance will be at national average.

  • Reports to FGB by HT
  • Improving attendance figures

Succession planning

School will have right leaders as we prepare for growth

  • HT to ensure appropriate succession planning for school staff
  • FGB to ensure succession planning within FGB

Focus 4: Good communication with parents, staff, and pupils

Regular communication with parents in order to understand their views and communicate what Governors are doing

Clear communication of governor involvement in school and capturing of Parents views

  • Regular stakeholder questionnaires
  • Full and accurate reporting of FGB meetings
  • Annual report from FGB to stakeholders
  • Satisfactory feedback from stakeholders

Regular communication with staff in order to understand their views

A positive connection with staff and understanding of views

  • School visits and meetings with staff to canvas opinions and views
  • Lesson observations by members of FGB
  • Feedback from HT to FGB

Governors conduct exit interviews of leaving staff

Governors have a good knowledge of school from leaving staff

Capturing pupil voice wherever possible

Governors know views of pupils

  • Lesson observations
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Improving standards
  • Stakeholder satisfaction

Effective use of website

Parents, staff, and the community will see who we are, our objectives for the year

  • Annual review of website content and functionality
  • Ensure that administrators are comfortable with tasks and that the knowledge base is not focussed on one person
  • Good-looking and informative website
  • Information easily accessed
  • Containing more than just the legal requirement
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