The School's Curriculum

In the Foundation Stage the children follow a curriculum based on the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.  In years 1 to 6 children follow the National and School Curriculum which covers:

• Core subjects – English, maths, science, computing

• Foundation subjects – geography, history, design technology, art, music, physical education and Religious education. Wharfe & Swale are also taught French.

We also place emphasis on Personal Social and Emotional Development, as we believe this is a vital area of learning for all children. 

In our school we place great emphasis on active learning and creating meaningful and exciting experiences for all the children. We use activities that capture the children’s interest and fire their enthusiasm as we all believe that if school is fun children will learn.

Children are taught through a variety of approaches – whole class, group sessions and individual teaching. The different learning styles of children are recognised and planned for.  Much of the learning takes place through practical experience, investigation and increasingly problem solving.

We believe in enriching the curriculum through visits and having visitors in school and themed enrichment weeks.

Please click on the links below to access further information about the curriculum including phonics and reading, for each year group.

Please contact the school office if you require any further details of the school curriculum.

Reading & Phonics