Global Dimension

At Beckwithshaw School, we are striving to fully develop the Global Dimension, as we believe that it :

  • Helps our children to understand the links between their own lives and those of people throughout the world.
  • Helps them to understand the economic, cultural, political and environmental influences which affects their lives.
  • Helps to develop their skills, attitudes and values which, in turn, increases their ability to bring about change and control of their own lives.

We belive that by teaching from a global perspective, we help children to appreciate diversity, challenge prejudice, think critically and believe that they can make a positive difference to the world.

In addition, we think that having an understanding of how the world works is vitally important for the future financial well-being of our children, as it will improve their ability to live and work in a global, multi-cultural economy.

To support Global Learning in our school, we have a weekly Global Assembly, in ehich we learn about and discuss current and topical issues relating to, amongst other concepts, diversity, sustainability and social justice.

We also have a Global Group, who work with members of staff to develop the whole school's awareness of global issues. Examples of projects include a termly Fairtrade tuck shop and a jumble sale to raise money to buy an acre of rainforest.