Beckwithshaw Community Primary School
Church Row

Tel: 01423 504642
Dear Parents / Carers,

With the Governors working hard to offer wrap around care at Ripley following the closure of Smarties Day Nursery, they have reviewed and aligned the terms and conditions and pricing structure across our Federation.

From Tuesday 13th April, Morning Treetops will now require a booking form to be completed and sent to the school office. The price will remain the same of £4.00 per child from 8am and include a nutritious breakfast and drink.

Moving forward, Evening Treetops will offer a structured variety of activities each evening. These will be:

Monday:         Fun on the Field

Tuesday:        Baking Bonanza

Wednesday:  Crafty Club

Thursday:      Games Night (board games, eg. chess)

Friday:            Film Night with Popcorn and Hot Dogs

Evening Treetops pricing structure will, however, change. It will become a flat fee of £11.50 per child from 3:30pm-5:30pm. An additional £1 fee will be charged for late bookings. High tea will be available with water or milk at 4:30pm.

Please find attached the new terms and conditions with booking forms for the Summer term.

We are really hoping to inspire our children and give them the opportunity for some socialising for outside school, as this is important for their mental health and wellbeing.

Our wrap around care provision has really suffered during the Covid pandemic and is in danger of closing if we cannot improve numbers. Please support Treetops where you can so we can continue to offer such a vital service, especially when people will be returning to the workplace.

Kind regards,

Lisa Jackson-Ward