We operate a breakfast club and after school club which is run by our Midday Supervisor, Mrs Coates and our Teaching Assistant, Mrs Gilbert. 

Morning Treetops

Morning Treetops is our breakfast care club.  This service is available daily from 8am. Pre-booking is required via a booking form or through the school office. If you require a late booking and are not able to contact the school prior to 3:30pm for the following day, you will be able to drop your child off at school from 8am.

A nutritious breakfast and drink will be served.

The cost per session is £5.00 per child.

Evening Treetops

Evening Treetops is our after school care club. This service is available daily from 3:30pm - 5.30pm. Pre-booking is a required via a booking form or through the school office.

A structured variety of activities is offered each evening:

Monday:          Fun on the

Monday SAZUMBA with Mrs Sabet (the children will enyou learning a variety of choregraphed dance routines)
Tuesday Fun on the Field (sports and games outside)
Wednesday Games Night
Thursday Craft Night
Friday Active Music with Mrs Santos 

The cost per session is £11.50 per child to include high tea and a drink. Parents who collect their children late after 5.30pm will be charged an extra £2.00 per 15 minutes before 6pm and £10.00 per 15 minutes after 6pm.

Morning and Evening Treetops sessions should be booked and paid for a half term in advance; otherwise payments should be made monthly via ParentMail Any extra or short notice sessions will be added on to ParentMail at the end of the week they were taken in. The charge for late payment of fees is £20.00 per week, per child.

Payment can be paid either via ParentMail or with childcare vouchers. 

Please ask Mrs Drury for more information about the childcare vouchers schemes we accept.